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UA Hustle Backpack

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  • 치수(가득 채웠을 때): 가로 16.02cm x 높이 50.82cm x 세로 32.04cm
  • 용량: 1,769.7입방인치/29L
  • 100% 폴리에스테르
  • 수입산
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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Back pack

This back pack is great..keeps it shape whether full or empty.

Colors are of

The green white and red/orange back pack is actually pink. My son was not happy. We both thought it was a red orange orange under armour logo but instead it's a bright neon pink.


Very good one. Definitely recommend. It is also suitable for my macbook pro 14 inch.

Comfy and useful

Comfy backpack for hikes, Gym and daily activities

Not durable

I purchased this for my child as a school backpack and after only 2 days there are holes in the mesh on the backside which will only become bigger. I am very disappointed in the lack of durability. She is not rough on things and it was only 2 days...

Good, I like the color needs more pockets

I got the blue with orange inside. The color is my favorite part. I previously had a UA Hustle, and it wore out, so I went right to this bag for the upgrade since my last one took 3 years to wear out. I’m pretty rough on bags, I haul a lot of weight sometimes, and I put a lot of miles and wear and tear. This bag has a cheaper feeling nylon. The shoulder straps and back padding are super comfy and a big improvement over my previous UA Hustle. The pencil holders in the pockets are pretty useless. In the previous Hustle, there were 2 pockets, and I preferred that design. I ended up using a seam ripper to rip the dividing slots and made my own 2 pockets. The fuzzy front pocket for glasses is nice and the material from the previous versions have increased in quality. Though I’ve seen it in other bags, is that the best placement for that pocket for something that’s going to be easy to break like phone, sunglasses, etc? I think an improvement could be an uncrushable, lined pocket. I think having some more small pocket space would be very nice. The zippers are a little noisy when walking. It’s sometimes makes me think someone is behind me. All in all, I like this bag. I hope it lasts as long as the previous bag.

plenty space

I love this for my son school , plenty space for his books

Nice backpack, well made!

We bought the light blue backpack. It’s durable and well made. Loving the bottom pocket feature. My son uses the bottom of the backpack for his sandals. It holds many books and the straps are comfortable around the shoulders. Overall it’s a great backpack.

5 years ago today i got one.. still holds up GREAT

i saw recently in my snapchat memories i got the backpack “5 years ago today” and i used it as a high school sports bag, and an every day gym bag or garden bag (since i work outside in the summer the past 5 summers as well). i’m VERY impressed just thought i’d leave a review.

below expectations

Very disappointed in this backpack. My son wanted this backpack because it looked great to carry all of his books and supplies, they don't have lockers at school. It ripped within 4 weeks of normal use between home/school. For the cost backpack I was expecting it to last at least 2-3 years. My son likes all Under Armour products but this item fell short.