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UA 허슬 프로 백팩

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  • 스타일 #: 1367060
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  • 치수(가득 채웠을 때): 가로 22.60cm x 세로 51.05 x 길이 32cm
  • 용량: 31.5L
  • 100% 폴리에스테르
  • 수입산

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최소 최대

Straps are hard.

It’s a great bag with plenty of space, two insulated pockets, a very good padded laptop slot and breathable back. My ONLY issue and deal breaker are the straps. They are very hard on my neck and shoulder, they are made of non-breathable material. I am planning to use this backpack for school and I imagine with all the extra weight, it would be a pain to lug around. I did try using some books and it was as I expected. Unfortunately, as much as I love the color and the rest of the bag, I am planning to return it as it is just not practical for me.

Great design but strap slips

Love the design and features of this backpack but one of the shoulder straps slips all the time causing an odd fit. Please fix the slipping straps!

최고의 운동가방입니다

실물 받고서 접혀 있어서 가방안에 운동용품 넣고서 매어보니 아주 좋습니다 핏도 있고 수납공간도 많고요 특히 신발 넣을수 있는공간이 있어 최고입니다

최고의 운동가방입니다

실물 받고서 접혀 있어서 가방안에 운동용품 넣고서 매어보니 아주 좋습니다 핏도 있고 수납공간도 많고요 특히 신발 넣을수 있는공간이 있어 최고입니다

The perfect everything bag

It's true this bag does hold everything and more. That huge pocket that you first see with the buckle on this book bag, it's completely perfect for a 3 liter water bladder. If you also notice on the right shoulder strap there's a hook to mount your hose. I haven't found many bags on the market that have this feature. you can also fit your packing cube for clothes, a bag for electronics, toiletries, put your 15 in laptop in a case (not that it really needs a case) I just like protection like that. those Molly I hang small carabiner sized solar panel with the 5000 milliamp power bank. Plus still have enough room to grab a souvenir or two. Bro you good to go for carry-on. That's right carry-on, sorry if you're looking for a personal item size bag. One thing about the shoulder straps you got to wear this bag a couple of times to kind of break it in, then the shoulder straps will feel completely comfortable. I actually like that about the shoulder straps it's a testament to the durability. I dare say this is the perfect bag. I wish they would make a smaller bag that they can use for a personal item in the same exact model. This is religiously over the meter highly recommended product.

Nice gift

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this for my brother for his birthday gift and he seems to love it. Uses it for everyday activities or for basketball

Sturdy Backpack

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this for my middle school child. The durability is outstanding. There is a lot of room for all his needs - books, chromebook, lunchbox, pencil case, etc. The adjustable straps give him enough room and make wearing the backpack comfortable.

this product has great features

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I am able to put my water, spikes, and snacks in my backpack. It is very helpful during track season. It is also a cute and simple backpack, perfect to take on the go! I can't wait for other to discover this clean and helpful design of a backpack. Overall, I would recommend this backpack to anyone in sports in general.

Fell apart

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The side of the backpack where you put the thermos is already tearing! So disappointed!

excellent and great quality

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] the backpack is very durable and roomy. I can tell it will last long time.