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    • 색상: Black (001)
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UA Undeniable Sackpack

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제품 DNA

많은 언더아머 매장에 같은 디자인의 쇼핑백이 배치되어 있을 정도로 높은 인기를 자랑하는 UA 색팩입니다. 헬스장에 가든, 야외에서 러닝을 하든, 실내외용으로 모두 완벽합니다.
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  • 커스텀 UA 가슴 클립
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  • 소품 고정을 위한 전면 D자형 고리
  • 치수: 19x15x2인치
  • 용량: 25L
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 시즌정보 :2017 봄/여름
  • 제조자 : 언더아머
  • 수입자 : 언더아머 코리아
  • 원산지: 베트남, 중국, 필리핀, 요르단 등 (상품별 택 참조)
  • 품질보증기준: 관련 법 및 소비자 분쟁해결 규정에 따름
  • 품질문제문의: 언더아머고객센터(1577-9691)
  • 세탁 & 취급시주의사항 및 제품소재

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Utility bag

My Grandson loves it! Perfect for carrying all his stuff to and from visiting Oma.

Great bag

This bag is what I have been looking for. It is large enough to hold my boxing gloves under gloves towel and water and sports drink. And the bag is light so it is not adding more weight to what you have to carry.


I love it ! It’s comfortable and it’s perfect for every occasion

Gets the job done!

This bag is awesome! I use it everyday for the gym and it does its job! I'm not a duffel bag type of guy, they are awkward and make me feel insecure since they look so out of place. With this, I can fit a pair of shoes (size 10.5), my shirt, shorts, socks, change of underwear. Like I mentioned, the essentials. If I shower at the gym, I'll just bring an additional drawstring bag for my shower things, since they wouldn't fit in my original one, and it's gross mixing your wet shower things with your clothes. I will choose to carry around multiple drawstring bags before I ever carry a large duffel bag around. I am not disappointed, to say the least.

Great choice!

I love the pink color and look forward to taking it to the gym!

Excellent for Biking

I bought this pack for when I go out on my bike. I've used it multiple times already and still no sign of wear. It can hold my phone, keys, gloves, cable lock, etc. maybe even my helmet if need be. Its just the right size for when I'm biking, it does not hang down too low and I hardly even notice it is there. Its got another loop near the bottom that I can hook a light to for extra visibility on the road. The price point is another selling feature, other cycling packs cost around 5 times what I paid for this.

생각보다 여러모로 좋습니다

피트니스에 가지고 다닐 적당한 사이즈의 가방을 찾다가 구매 했습니다 주 목적은 리프팅화, 장갑, 보조원판 등의 물품을 휴대하기 위해서이구요 이런 종류의 색팩 중에서 지퍼로된 보조 주머니가 있는 제품이 드물어서 이 상품을 골랐습니다 생각보다 사이즈가 넉넉해서 충분히 수납이 가능하고 재질도 약하지 않습니다 ㄴ

Bad Quality

The inside liner, after minimal use from this bag, started peeling. The straps are way too long but I can deal with that. The liner is a quality issue. This bag is going back!

Love this bag

I love this bag! It is perfect for gym class. Even for after-school dance lessons. I even put carry clothes for tennis practice. This bag come in handy. I love the coral color. Me and my friend all have this bag. Its totally awesome!!

Pull string design issue. Reinforcement needed.

I have bought two of these sacks within the last year. It is an amazing product but recently I have brown both of them in the same way. The pull strings themselves are very well designed, but the way they are attached to the bottom of the bag is an issue. For both bags the string on one side or the other slowly starts to rip out of the bag. First the metal ring detatches. Not a major issue because the strings are attached to an inner piece of fabric with another metal right. However, with continued use, this piece of fabric tears off and renders the bag useless. I want to buy more but I don't want a bag that's going to break within the year of purchase.