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People complaining about FAKE Curry 4s !!

This is the best shoe on planet earth right now.. most these people complaining don't realize they're complaining about fake knockoff versions of Curry 4! When you're complaining about a color that hasnt even dropped yet, that should tell you something.

What in the world is "Proprietary Foam"?

Bought the "More Rings" colorway, I'm glad they released those separately for those who could not get the champ pack. I can feel some foam in the heel, but other than that, it's almost like a piece of cardboard in the forefoot. Lockdown feels pretty secure side to side, but I wish they put some foam or pillows in the heel to lock down that heel and for some extra comfort. The materials feel pretty okay overall, but very thin. I like the knit, but not the piece of plastic or cardboard material within the synthetic leather on the side that goes up to the ankle. It definitely needs to be broken in there to be comfortable. The support feels good underneath the foot. I would give this 3 stars if it were solely on comfort and performance, and quality of materials, but 4 because of the design. They killed it on looks, but it feels flimsy. They should put real genuine leather on these instead, that would be absolutely amazing.

Worst shoes i have ever worn.

These shoes are the most uncomfortable shoes that i have ever worn. They give blisters all over your feet, and pinch the top of your foot. DO NOT BUY THESE!!!!

This will be an iconic shoe in the curry line when we look back

Incredibly light weight 10/10 in looks But definitely needs better cushion technology. Maybe they were going for responsiveness, but they could have at least put a little cushion because it feels like it has none at all. The shoe also kind of digs and pinches the ankle, but having the laces less tight will remedy that. Love UA. Just trying to help them

Only if your light on foot or light weight

Incredibly light and amazing 1-to-1 fit after some break-in period. Traction a bit unpredictable on dusty courts. If you are an explosive or over 200lb, this is not the basketball shoe for you. Very little support if any to support powerful moves. Absolutely no cushion to absorb impact upon landing or even jab steps. Comfortable to just walk but aweful to actually play in. Love the way they look and feel but very poor performer for bigger or more explosive players

Perfect PG/All-Around Shoe

Of course if you are a spot up shooter (which is my game) a baller ultimately decides to take a look at the Curry Line. Over the past couple of years, I had been tempted to buy the sneaker, but have always ended up stagnant with the follow through. I am pleased to announce that for the Curry 4 I was able to pull the trigger and cop these is the More Rings colorway. They are gorgeous. Comfortable, and perfect for a “run-n-gunner” type of player. Make sure to wear thick basketball socks though. I made the mistake of wearing thinner hoop socks and got blisters on the inside of my feet - somewhere I’ve never had blisters before. Overall, the grip is sticky, the ankle support is solid, and the ability to feel great take jumpshots is senesational. Overall a perfect sneaker.

Huge Blisters on on top my FOOT

Bought the white/gold version. Immediately when I put on the shoe it felt snug on my right foot but my left felt fine. Figured the right side needed some breaking in . 4 hours of playing ball, I felt I had a HUGE blister on the top of my right FOOT, the size of a dime. It left a big blood stain, that I'm unable to clean. The shoe design cuts into your foot (if you have wide feet) due to the sock like tongue. The shoe wraps around your foot like a sock and no matter how tight or loose the laces are it digs into your skin. Now makes it impossible to clean the blood stain. All this happened on my first time wearing it. Im very upset that these are not working out. Since I'm ranting about this shoe I do not like the fact it does not have any ankle support what so ever.

Best basketball shoe of 2017!

Awesome! By far the best shoe from the Curry line!

Curry 4's

The Curry 4 is a great shoe, hands down, I have all of the Curry line except the Curry 2 High Top. I actually play basketball in all of them, except the lows. As with any shoe, some shoes are meant for you, and some aren't. Some shoes do take longer to break in than others, you can't just wear the shoe for 30 minutes once a month and expect the shoe to be comfortable. Some of the people reviewing these shoes, I feel are not taking the time to actually break them in or use them for what they are intended and that is to play basketball. Another factor is, are you wearing the correct socks with the shoes, there are socks that have more cushion and that will prevent blisters for those who get blisters. I have no experienced blisters in any of my shoes. I feel people are just posting bad reviews just for the sake of doing it, because one doesn't have to show they actually own the shoe. Take these reviews with a grain of salt, if the review has a lot of thumbs down that speaks volumes.

Very comfortable

I got these around 10AM and walked around Chicago all day and went home around 8PM and my feet only got tired around 7:30PM. Very comfortable and will definitely buy again if needed