여성 UA 퓨어 스트레치 힙스터 3팩

Style # 1325616
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키: 사이즈: 핏: Fitted
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키: 사이즈: 핏: Fitted
여성 UA 퓨어 스트레치 힙스터 3팩

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  • 스타일 #: 1325616
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Best no show underwear

I have spent a lot of money trying to figure the best no show underwear, without having to go to thongs and these are the best I have found!

여성 UA 퓨어 스트레치 힙스터 3팩 리뷰

아내가 속온 xs를 보통입길래 같은 사이즈로 주문했습니다만, 아내자 작아서 못입는다고 ㅠㅠ 속옷특성상 반품이 안된다고 하니 한 사이즈 업해서 주문하시는 게 좋을듯합니다.

Not the same

I have exactly 3 pairs of UA bikini style undies. I adore them. They are super light weight, breathable. Just the cats meow. So I decided I'd better get a few more, and alas that product is gone. So I bought these. The fabric is heavier, which I did not want, and they don't stay put. I am a pro paddler, and can't have my undies down around my thighs, or riding up my butt, while I'm in the boat all day. That just won't do! A total fail UA. Please bring back the bikini style, with the super light weight fabric.

Not recommended

The fabric is great for no show panty line and great on a hot day but the problem is they do not stay UP! I would have to repeatedly pull them up with every 5 steps any more than that and they would roll down to my upper thigh which was pretty bad!

SO Comfortable, no Cinching

My search for the perfect underwear is OVER. The fabric is light, breathable, cooling, and seamless... like ACTUALLY seamless. Most underwear cinches at the thighs and around the waist causing ingrown hairs, inflammation, muffin top, and simple uncomfortability, but NOT THESE. Its stretchy material doesn't lose its elasticity and still hugs the body without suffocating it. I bought an extra pair just because they're that comfortable.


심리스 언더웨어는 항상 이제품으로 구매할 정도로 편하고 퀄리티도 좋아요 다만 아무리 말라도 성인이면 s 사이즈가 맞으니까 구매 시 참고하길

Bad Design

The seam in the back along with the silkiness of the fabric results in a constant wedge. I also don't like the hipster design. Too much fabric, looks like a diaper. Bring back the old bikini, it was perfect.

Good fit and comfortable

I love that these are seamless but I do wish that they didn’t ride up with activity. I won’t buy more because I need them to stay put when working out or on the go.

Stretchy and comfortable

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Very soft, stretchy, breathable, and generally quite comfortable to wear. They do ride up a bit when running, although I suspect this may be less of an issue if you size up.

Fantastic fit

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These undies have a super stretchy but snug feel to them. There are no panty lines even under leggings. Nothing digs in and I love the coverage they give. These are my favourite underwear. I have them in a few different colours now!