여성 UA 아이소-칠 런 투인원 쇼츠

Style # 1361582
키: 사이즈: 핏: Fitted
사이즈 & 핏 가이드
제한된 수량으로 인해 한 분당 20개만 허용됩니다.
이 제품은 장바구니에 추가할 수 없습니다
키: 사이즈: 핏: Fitted
여성 UA 아이소-칠 런 투인원 쇼츠

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압축 섬유에 첨단 기술을 적용하여 새롭게 개발한 획기적인 소재를 만나보세요. 신체의 열을 외부로 빠르게 배출하여 편안함과 쾌적함을 유지하면서 동시에 기량을 극대화하도록 도와줍니다.
  • Fitted: 조임 없는 착용감
  • 가볍고 신축성 있는 우븐 소재 겉감이 탁월한 내구성과 편안함을 제공합니다.
  • 내장된 아이소-칠 메쉬 이너 쇼츠가 신체의 열을 분산해 주어 시원한 촉감을 선사합니다.
  • 모든 방향으로 늘어나는 4방향 소재로 활동성을 높여줍니다.
  • 소재가 땀을 흡수하고 매우 빠르게 건조됩니다.
  • 신축성 있는 넓은 매입형 허리밴드에는 내부 조절끈이 있으며, 드롭인 포켓이 있습니다.
  • 스타일 #: 1361582
  • 인심(아우터 쇼츠): 7.62cm
  • 인심(라이너 쇼츠): 12.7cm
  • 아우터 쇼츠: 100% 폴리에스테르
  • 이너 쇼츠: 90% 나일론/10% 엘라스틴
  • 수입산
  • 비슷한 색상의 세탁물과 함께 찬물에 세탁하십시오.
  • 필요한 경우 비염소계 표백제만 사용하십시오.
  • 건조기 사용 시 낮은 온도에서 건조하십시오.
  • 다림질하지 마십시오.
  • 섬유유연제를 사용하지 마십시오.
  • 드라이클리닝하지 마십시오.

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10 개의 리뷰
60% 리뷰를 작성한 사람들의 추천

Not for Running. These Shorts Ride UP!

These are really cute shorts but they are completely useless for running. The under layer short rides up immediately upon wearing but I decided to try them anyway. I just got back from a run, during which I spent the entire time tugging at the shorts to get them to stay in place. The under layer fabric is not a compression fabric, it's some kind of loose-ish stretch material that just doesn't stay put. I like the 2-in-1 design, but I can't run in these.

It’s comfortable

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Like the color, and I like the way it feels. It’s not too short on the thighs.


[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These shorts fit perfectly and feel super comfortable wether exercising or just dressed for the day.

Great shorts.

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The shorts have an inner lining which is tighter around the leg an lower down the leg giving better coverage and more comfort.

IsoChill Run Shorts

My wife has these in every color and loves them! The fit is great and they are very comfortable

Love the design and material

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Fit true to size. Right around the leg area which is perfect

Girlfriend loves them

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I surprised my girlfriend with these since she’s started running with me. She loves that there’s linger shorts under the outer ones.

Great for Gym workouts

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These shorts are super soft and true to size. I wear them mostly for my gym workouts since they have in-built body fit shorts as the underlayer, so no UG's needed with these. Love them!

Don't buy for running

Short material is fine, my issue is with the size of the pocket. Thought I would be able to put my phone it in, but it's barely a pocket. wouldn't even trust a credit card in there.

Thicker thighs dont buy

I’m 5’7 154/160 (depending on the day ;) I wear a small/medium in most things. I tried the smalls on (knowing that they’d probably be too small) and it was hilarious, so I moved to the mediums, the biker short part fit wonderfully but the supposed to be lose fitting 2nd short was way too tight. So I tried the larges, I convinced myself that even though the biker short was loose it would be okay (It was not okay for running, the bikers rose up my leg instantly causing discomfort). If you have “thicker” thighs and a smaller waist and are looking for new running shorts- don’t buy these.