남성 UA 배니시 레깅스

Style # 1306411
₩41,400 ₩69,000
키: 사이즈: 핏: Compression
사이즈 & 핏 가이드
제한된 수량으로 인해 한 분당 20개만 허용됩니다.
이 제품은 장바구니에 추가할 수 없습니다
키: 사이즈: 핏: Compression
남성 UA 배니시 레깅스

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제품 DNA

  • Compression: 몸을 지지해주는 착용감
  • 부드럽고 매끈한 HeatGear® 소재가 아주 가벼운 중량으로 최상의 편안함을 선사합니다
  • UA Microthread 테크놀로지가 적용된 소재로 달라붙거나 쓸리지 않고 땀을 흡수하지 않으면서 신축성과 건조력이 우수합니다
  • 인체공학적 디자인으로 솔기 부분의 마모가 방지되며 내구력이 뛰어납니다
  • 4방향 스트레치 조직이 모든 방향으로의 활동성을 극대화합니다
  • 땀을 빠르게 흡수·건조해 줍니다
  • 냄새 방지 기술로 악취를 유발하는 미생물 증식을 억제합니다
  • 고탄력 가공 허리 밴드
  • 인심: 31.25인치
  • 60% Polyester/40% Elasterell
  • Imported
  • 시즌정보 :2018 봄/여름
  • 제조자 : 언더아머
  • 수입자 : 언더아머 코리아
  • 원산지: 베트남, 중국, 필리핀, 요르단 등 (상품별 택 참조)
  • 품질보증기준: 관련 법 및 소비자 분쟁해결 규정에 따름
  • 품질문제문의: 언더아머고객센터(1577-9691)
  • 세탁 & 취급시주의사항 및 제품소재

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이거 좋아서 2개삼

기장이 좀 긴 느낌이 있긴한데 내 다리가 짧은거 일 수 도 있고 상당히 좋아서 2개 샀어요 좋아 아주 좋아 언더아머멍널머어러먼ㅇㄹ ㅁ 이쁜 7부 레깅스도 많이많이 만들어 주세요 살꺼니까요

leggings are great

wear these for early morning runs in plus 20 c temp . keeps me cool and wicks sweat away compression is great and comfortable . would like to see reflective legging like these ones [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Beyond 2nd Skin!

These bad boys are tight...either I need to size up or lose some weight! When the fit is described as "2nd Skin" they aren't kidding. When it comes to touch/feel, I've never had a pair of leggings this soft which is big plus. I just wish the waistband wasn't so aggressive and the inseam area so restrictive. Note: use your actual waist measurement when selecting your size. Don't rely on the size of your favorite pants as they use "vanity" sizing. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

최고에 착용감 야구 할때 최고임

제품이 오고 2주만에 야구 연습이 있어 첫착용을 했습니다 생각 했던것 이상 착용감이 좋았고 운동중 땀이 많이 났는데 불편함 없이 운동을 즐길수 있었습니다.참좋은 제품이라 생각들고요.역시 스포츠는 과학이라는 말이 맞네요... 울 작은 아들도 입어 보고 구입해 달라고 조르고 있네요.

Perfect for cold weather

I purchased this product to battle the company cold winter mornings in Albuquerque, NM, while waiting in line for the gym to open at 4:30am. It helped immensely! Very comfortable and worked great to keep the cold out. The leggings are also great to help cool you down a bit once you’ve worked up a good sweat. My only issue is the leggings run a bit long for me. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Fancy pants

There is a lot to like about these leggings and you will get the maximum benefit if you order a size larger.. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

The best men’s legging on the Planet

Wow these leggings are so comfortable it’s amazing best quality best price I bought 2 pairs and I’m going to buy 2 more next week and their compression is awesome. I’m a bike rider and they are at the top of the chain. Yes I also bought the compression tanks to match with shorts as well. Thanks UA your products Rock Metalhead007

squat 20lb more

This is *compression* legging that speeds up blood flow. It allows me to lift more: I can instantly squat 20lb more than usual. Website suggested me to purchase a "SM" size despite I normally wear medium shorts. I have no problem inserting my oversized quads into this legging. The drawback is that there's no pocket, so I have to wear something outside (I chose the UA Raid 10" shorts).

탄력이 없는??

다른곳은 다 편한데 무릎 밑 부분부터 탄력이 없는 원단이라 무릎이 나옴. 다음엔 좀 더 원단 선택을 잘 하셔서 적용시켜야 할듯요...

I like them

Got these for a lighter base layer for running now that the temps have gone up. They fit really well and the colors (I got the Academy / Jupiter blue) look better in person than the website photo. I am 6' 2" and the length is just a little short, but otherwise these fit great.