Women's UA Swift Strappy Tank

Style # 1300294
키: 사이즈: 핏: Loose
Womens UA Swift Strappy Tank
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키: 사이즈: 핏: Loose
Women's UA Swift Strappy Tank

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  • Loose: 편안한 착용감
  • 가볍고 튼튼한 코튼 소재로 통기성이 뛰어나며 편안한 착용감을 선사합니다
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  • 뒷면의 가느다란 끈 디테일
  • 시즌정보 :2017 봄/여름
  • 제조자 : 언더아머
  • 수입자 : 언더아머 코리아
  • 원산지: 베트남, 중국, 필리핀, 요르단 등 (상품별 택 참조)
  • 품질보증기준: 관련 법 및 소비자 분쟁해결 규정에 따름
  • 품질문제문의: 언더아머고객센터(1577-9691)
  • 세탁 & 취급시주의사항 및 제품소재

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4 개의 리뷰

Straps don't stay

I got my size small. The fabric is nice and smooth. The straps don't stay and wish they have made the length of the straps shorter to hold . I had it on for 3 minutes and fixed the strap 10 times. Love the sexy strappy look but not a right fit for my shoulder. I am going to return may be get an XS in size.

Love love

Love this tank !!it fits nice !!! the fabric is nice !!! and I love the strappy back ......I wish they would make more of the strappy back tanks .....not just the bras!!

Debating buying a second

In love with this tank. Stayed super cool in it and I have a sports bra that looks good with the fun straps!

This shirt is really baggy

The chest fit really snug and I'm not a chesty person by any means, but the rest of the shirt was so baggy that I felt like I looked pregnant.