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UA Hustle 4.0 Backpack

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  • UA Storm 기술은 최첨단의 방수를 제공합니다.
  • 추가적인 편안함을 위해 조절 가능한 HeatGear® 숄더 스트랩
  • 부드러운 안감의 노트북 슬리브 - 최대 15 인치 MacBook Pro® 또는 비슷한 크기의 노트북 보관 가능
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  • 추가 부착 지점을위한 전면 패널의 D-링
  • 견고한 내마모성 바닥 패널
  • 스타일 # : 1342651
  • 전체 치수 : 15 x 33 x 49 (cm)
  • 용량 : 26L
  • 두 개의 측면 물병 주머니
  • 상단 손잡이
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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Amazing storage capay

Several large pockets the computer sleeve hold my schools issued chrome book Main pocket neatly fits my 3 inch zip up binder secondary hold my art kits paper and other school supplies and has to inner pockets inside has two valuables pockets and a storage compartment at the bottom holds Certain thing depending on what else is already in the other pockets


I just got the book bag. I am writing this review to warn about the side pockets. Things slide out of them easily! I've had 5 or 6 other Under Armour book bags in the past and this has never happened. My first day carrying the bag, I put a brand news small $40 sun block in the side pocket and I lost it because it slid out of the side pocket. After this happened, I noticed the bag often doesn't stay upright when sat down- a travel size Downey spray slid out. Nice bag- just don't use the side pockets.

5 starts

this is a beautiful backpack for a great price!!! I use it as my gym bag and it has plenty of pockets and room for anything you would need!!


Great i use it for my gym gear when i don't want walk with my big bag.

Love this backpack!

I bought this for travel and it has everything I need.....plenty of space and pockets. The material is great also.

깔끔하고 이쁩니다...

아들녀석 중학교 입학선물로 사주었는데 맘에들어 합니다... 구매하셔도 후회없을듯한 제품입니다....

Great backpack

I really like the compartment on the bottom for my shoes. I have to change into scrubs when I get to work and being able to keep my shoes separated from my clothes makes it easier for me. I dont have to worry about putting my scrubs into another bag and then my backpack. This is perfect for me to take to work and I love it!

It's more like a slim laptop bag

Looks great but a little small for me. It's like my slim laptop bag for office by just in a cool color

Finally A Proud Owner!!

I absolutely love this backpack!! The straps are extremely comfortable. There are plenty of different pockets/compartments of varying sizes. I use the smaller pockets on the front for smaller items such as my keys, lip gloss, and phone. The laptop section fits comfortably, preventing it from moving around as I move. There's also plenty of room in the middle section. Also love that it's water resistant, for when I'm running to and from my car in the rain with my computer in tow! If you've been on the fence as to whether or not to get it - go for it - you won't regret it!!

Swaggy Backpack

I bought the watermelon color scheme and I have to say I feel super swaggy. It is a great conversation starter. People always complement me on my backpack and how it looks and how much the color pops. I am a high school teacher so this backpack is perfect for me to place my binders, folders, and my macbook air. Perfect for fashion and utility. Would definitely recommend and buy again.