여성 HeatGear® 아머 레깅스

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키: 사이즈: 핏: Compression
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사이즈 & 핏 가이드
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키: 사이즈: 핏: Compression
여성 HeatGear® 아머 레깅스

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HeatGear® Armour is our original performance baselayer—the layer you put on first and take off last. It's tight to wick away sweat and quick-drying to keep you cool. No athlete can go without it.
  • Compression: 몸을 지지해주는 착용감
  • 단단한 고정감의 UA 컴프레션 핏으로 강한 자신감을 선사합니다
  • 초경량 HeatGear® 소재로 넓은 부위가 커버되면서 묵직하지 않습니다
  • 땀을 빠르게 흡수·건조해 줍니다
  • 4방향 스트레치 조직이 모든 방향으로의 활동성을 극대화합니다
  • 냄새 방지 기술로 악취를 유발하는 미생물 증식을 억제합니다
  • 인체공학적 플랫락 심 공법으로 제작되어 편안한 핏을 선사하며 피부에 쓸리지 않습니다
  • 상표가 표시된 최신 리뉴얼 고탄력 허리 밴드 안면이 부드럽게 기모 처리되었습니다
  • 자카드 패널이 삽입되어 통풍이 한층 원활합니다
  • 인심: 28인치
  • 87% Polyester/13% Elastane
  • Imported
  • 87% Polyester/13% ElastaneImported
  • 시즌정보 : 2019 가을/겨울
  • 제조자 : 언더아머
  • 수입자 : 언더아머 코리아
  • 원산지: 베트남, 중국, 필리핀, 요르단 등 (상품별 택 참조)
  • 품질보증기준: 관련 법 및 소비자 분쟁해결 규정에 따름
  • 품질문제문의: 언더아머고객센터(1577-9691)
  • 세탁 & 취급시주의사항 및 제품소재

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최소 최대

Great tights

Purchased these to add another set to my collection. I was finally able to get them in short. I prefer the tights that have the elastic band on the inside as they tend to slide down when I'm working out if I don't have that. I would definitely recommend these.


So I'm a 33 year old homosexual male and I am 5'8 and only weigh 129 lb and I had to start shopping in the women's section for thermal underwear so I bought these but they were in an xs and honestly I'm glad I did and I love wearing them they are extremely comfortable! I am also an over the road truck driver so they are perfect to drive in. I dont think I'll ever go back to the men's section or even the boys section because how home much I like them. The whole reason for trying them is because men's small were to big and the boys were to small so I went with the women's section. I do love under armour leggings and I honestly will continue to buy them!!!

Tight waistband

i have worn these tights for running this past week. They are very comfortable once on, but actually getting them on is somewhat of a chore. The waist band is TIGHT compared to the fit of the rest of the garment. For reference, I am a small person, 5'3" tall, 100 lbs. so I would imagine a heavier woman would find this fit even more of a challenge. Tucking a shirt into the pants is just as difficult. Saying that, that feeling of tightness seems to disappear shortly after getting them on and i don't even notice it. I would hesitate to go up a size because the leg and thigh fit would be too loose and I like the support they provide throughout the leg. They are a good choice for cool weather but once the temperatures drop into the 30's, i will need a heavier/warmer tight.


Fits well, cooling fabric, launders well, durable.

Bit loose around the waist

Read a few blogs on how to get a good fit with sports leggings before buying these. Should be comfortable but not too tight, so I followed the size guide. Didn’t quite work out. The waist band is fine after a wash but halfway through my workout it starts to get loose - what’s worse, the band also bends and rolls down my waist. Would’ve been perfect except for this, and this is a bit of an annoying issue.

A little too compressing

This was my first purchase of UnderArmour leggings (though I have several other UA products), and despite trying them on in store, I was a little disappointed with their comfort level in action. I wore them for a yoga class followed by a regular strength-training workout, and I felt that they were TOO compressing. The fabric feels thicker and heavier than other sweat-wicking leggings I own. On the one hand the thickness ensures opacity, so when I bend and stretch they aren't see-through, and the thick and wide waistband holds the leggings in place securely and comfortably, but on the other hand the thickness/sturdiness limited the fluidity of my movement somewhat. Also, they flatten out any curves you've got!

Great Leggings

I live in AZ and since I have been here for 30 + years when the temps drop to 40s and 50s I wear these for walking/running. They are not too warm, the stretch is awesome and they launder very well. (do not use the dryer). Since I am 5' 4" and 116 with longer legs I wear a small/regular and they are very comfortable. I will continue to add these to my fall/winter exercise wardrobe for Arizona.

여자친구 선물

선물로 삿습니다 처음입어보는 스타일이라 그런지 어색해 햇엇지만 막상입으니 편하다고 좋아하더군요 길이가 좀 길어 밑이 쫌 남더라고요 ㅎㅎ

Favorite leggings

These are my favorite leggings so far. The fabric is so silky soft and comfortable. Wicks away moisture They are very slimming. Highly recommend,

생각보다 길어요 ㅎㅎ

핏 좋고 그런데 제가 사이즈를 제일큰걸사서인지. 저에게는 많이 길은감이있습니다. 제질은 말할수없이 좋고요 아직 입고 운동은 안했지만, 가을되면 입고 하려고미리 샀어요 ㅎㅎ 지금 칠부가 딱이거든용 무튼 언더아머 넘 좋아해서 겟~ 충동구매 했는데 맘에들어요