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키: 사이즈: 핏: Loose
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키: 사이즈: 핏: Loose
Men's ColdGear® Swacket

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

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do not recommend

Purchased for golf. To say the zipper is terrible is an understatement. Most of the time it’s not working properly. The rest of the time it’s stuck. The rest of the garment is fantastic, but without a functioning zipper, it can’t be used as intended. I have bought tons of UA clothing and merchandise. 95 % is of high quality and delivers as advertised. The swacket is in that 5 % Very Disappointed !.

Everything Except The Zipper

Full disclosure, I just purchased my fourth ColdGear Swacket. The Good: They make a perfect under-layer for working or playing outside in the winter and a great outer layer for spring and fall. Super comfy. Nice long torso and arms. Best fitting hoodie I have ever owned. The Bad: The reason I need to keep buying Swackets is that the zippers on two of my three no longer work. Overall: It's a particular shame to have faulty zippers as everything else about the Swacket is a solid 5 stars.

Swacket in Black/Black, 2XL

I'm a 5'4 curvy girl and I bought a size 2XL since I wanted a more relaxed/loose fit. The overall fit is pretty comfortable, and looks great with my figure. I love the dropped hem for extra coverage. I agree with one of the reviews that says this is a transitional jacket that's great for not-so-frigid weather and not-so-hot weather. We've had a few 50-degree weather days, and I can go out with this and a scarf and I'm fine. However, if it gets any colder, I can still feel a chill on my arms, and will have to layer up like I usually do for cold weather. Overall no major complaints!

181cm 95kg xxl 딱 좋습니다.

핏은 적당히 루즈하고 딱좋습니다. 단지 어깨부분의 신축성이 적어 팔움직임이 조금 불편 합니다. 원단의 품질 만족합니다.

Excellent product

This "Swacket" is light weight yet warm, very rain resistance. I was out in the outing rain last week, not a bit wet or same inside of my new favorite jacket/hoodie. I would and may buy another in Navy to go with my black one I love it!!


Great jacket. Im 6'3 and ordered the XL. Sleeves are too short!! COME ON UA!

Feels and fits terrific

Fit and feels great. Don’t know about performance as it’s not cold yet! Feels like it should be pretty warm though. Glad I got it. Looks going too!

Excellent product except for dodgy zippers

Excellent jacket that you will reach for most of the time when stepping out for a walk or a jog.. Been using it for 6 months from fall thru' spring.. Performs as advertised. The zippers are 2-way which helps. However it gets stuck often and i have had to take them off like a T'shirt which is very frustrating. For a nice product like this, it is getting undone by zippers which appear to be cheap. Hopefully UA can fix it and not mess with this product as they appear to have a winner... Not giving 5 stars due to the zipper.

Great feel and fit however...

Quality and fit of this swacket is perfect but the zipper is terrible. The zipper will be hard to start, come apart at the bottom of get caught in fabric around mid centre. Disappointing for this price point.

Outstanding Upgrades

I have one of the first Swackets that UA released. I figured it was time for a new Swackets, and before I began to look, I knew I wanted a light colored one - either white or gray. Perfect timing, this one was in the Outlet, and I made the purchase. What an upgrage; the part around the waste allows for movement compared to the first one, which was constrictive. I like the sleeves, especially around the wrist, another huge improvement. All in all, the version of the Swacket is outstanding. If you can find in the outlet, do not delay, make the purchase.